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Uncover Uzbekistan

Reasons to visit Uzbekistan in 2021 year


Uzbekistan is unique

Offering visitors exquisite architecture that echoes from the days of Tamerlane, Alexander the Great and the land’s earliest Zoroastrian inhabitants. Not to be outdone by the past, contemporary Uzbekistan is equally alluring, replete with a magnetic culture and diverse landscapes that form the perfect backdrop to endless adventures.


Uzbekistan travel is an affordable option

For thrifty travelers, with all-inclusive, guided tours available for a fraction of the cost of equivalent trips in Europe or South America. Inexpensive transportation, cheap meals and an ever-growing selection of hostels have also opened the door to independent travelers.



Uzbekistan is more accessible

than ever before, with citizens of almost every nation eligible for either 30-day visa-free entry or an inexpensive online visa. Once in country, all major sights are connected by a modern and reliable rail system, while each major city welcomes you with a wide array of comfortable accommodation choices. At the same time…

                         to allow UAE citizens and residents to stay for 30 days without pre-entry visa.

                    for other GCC country residents (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman)                                


Uzbekistan is still off the beaten path

and sure to satisfy those with a thirst to explore the world’s unknown corners. You won’t have to battle throngs of tourists and may well find yourself the lone visitor at some of its most ancient and mind-blowing sites.


Tashkent - Capital of Uzbekistan

Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan and is a metropolis of over 2.5 million people. The city is set out as a grid of straight, wide streets and avenues, interspersed with many green areas (parks, squares, and gardens) and fountains.

This marvelous city embodies the modern elegance of many other capitals of the world; at the same time, as an eastern city, Tashkent has its own unique flavour. It tastefully combines medieval buildings that look like they’re from the pages of ancient oriental tales, with elegant European architecture from the time of the Turkestan governorship, concrete ‘blocks’ from the Soviet era and, finally, sparkling high-rise commercial buildings made of glass and concrete that represent a new era of independent Uzbekistan.

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Majestic and beautiful city Samarkand has a marvelous and attractive power. Poets and historians of the past called it "Rome of the East, The beauty of sublunary countries, The pearl of the Eastern Muslim World". Its advantageous geographical position in the Zarafshan valley puts Samarkand to the first place among cities of Central Asia.

Today Samarkand is the treasure of unique antiquity spirit. It is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List due to the abundance of material and spiritual values. Unique monuments of ancient architecture, heritage of scientific and arts schools, artisans workshops are well-known around the world.


Amirsoy - ski resort

The Amirsoy resort is located at an altitude of 2,494m on the northern slopes of the majestic Tien Shan mountains of Maigashkan.

Amirsoy is particularly attractive due to its proximity to Tashkent and the Islam Karimov International Airport. The 65km drive takes no more than 2 hours, with an excellent high-altitude highway leading to a high-quality parking area at the resort.

Amirsoy’s winter sports season opens in late November or early December and ends around early March, depending on weather conditions.

Equipment is available for hire and professional, English-speaking local and international instructors are available for skiing and snowboarding lessons throughout the season.



Bukhara is one of the most ancient cities of Uzbekistan, situated on a sacred hill, the place where sacrifices were made by fire-worshippers in springtime. This city was mentioned in a holy book "Avesto". Bukhara city is supposed to be founded in the 13th cent. B.C. during the reign of Siyavushids who came to power 980 years before Alexander the Great. 

Bukhara with more than 140 architectural monuments is a "town museum" dating back to the Middle Ages. 2,300 years later, ensembles like Poi-Kalyan, Ismail Samani Mausoleum, Ark, Lyabi-Khauz are attracting a lot of attention. The city consists of narrow streets, green parks and gardens, historical and architectural monuments belong to the different epochs, but locate very close to each other.

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Activities and other Sights

Apart of above mentioned famous cities, there are a lot of other places worth visiting in Uzbekistan: 

  • Khiva is the first UNESCO World Heritage site in Uzbekistan 

  • Shahrisabz - flourishing city of the Timurid Empire

  • Aidarkul Lake and Nurota Mountains 

  • Termez 

  • Ancient Khwarezm

  • Fergana Valley

  • Karakalpakstan

Hotels and accommodations 


The majority of Uzbek hotels are located either on sightseeing routes, in immediate vicinity to historical sites, or near the airport and terminal. Tashkent has hotels scattered all over the city, but there, rather than elsewhere, available 5-star hotels offering highest possible level of comfort and service.

The Samarkand hotels, also scattered, include budget guest houses offering you a chance to see directly the everyday life of Uzbek family. The majority of hotels and guest houses in Bukhara are concentrated in a city’s historical part not far from Lyabi Khauz. The Khiva hotels are found inside the ancient Ichan-Kala fortress, with few of them located directly behind its walls. The hotels in less popular Uzbek cities are small in number, but they are basically located in the center, near local landmarks.


Hilton Tashkent


Pan Asian restaurant

Uzbek restaurant 

Bar and Lobby Lounge

In-door swimming pool and gym

Connecting rooms

Executive Lounge


Radisson Blu


Brasserie Restaurant

Buffet Restaurant 

Pool Bar 

Outdoor swimming pool

Connecting rooms




International restaurant

Bresserie Restaurant

Bar “Randez-Vous”

Lobby Bar

Health Club

Sauna and Turkish Hammam

Connecting rooms

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Turkish Bath

In-door swimming pool

Fitness club

All Day Dinning  restaurant

Café Opera

Garden Bar